Tele Health

We will now be offering telehealth services as another way of providing services to range of people who want to access services from their homes or other locations.

We will also continue to offer face to face sessions in clinic.

The telehealth services will be provided on the platform Zoom. All you will need is a device and internet to engage services with us.

Zoom Telehealth Guide for Clients

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a video-conferencing program which you can download for free onto your computer or as an app on your phone, which allows you to host or attend meetings with other people. There are paid versions too, but the Basic version is free and pretty great.

We chose Zoom for our therapy consultations because it has high security and privacy standards, and end-to-end (user-to-user) encryption, which means it is harder to hack.

For more info, go to:

How do I set up a Zoom account?

o Head to the website:
o On the top-right of the page, click on “Sign Up, It’s Free!” and enter your details. o Verify your profile when you receive a confirmation email
o Bing bang boom and you’re done!

o Also, we recommend setting up your Zoom account well in advance and having a go at testing out your camera and microphone to make sure it all works. You can also test out all the features in Zoom, such as the virtual backgrounds!

How will I access my therapy session via Zoom?

o Your speech pathologist will set up a “meeting” for your session in Zoom. This meeting will generally be password protected.

o You will receive a Zoom web-link either via email, the password will also be in it.

o At the time of your appointment, click on the link, and this will launch the Zoom program or app. When you’re in, enter the password.

o Your Speech Pathologist will join you there! Make sure your camera and microphone are working!

What will a therapy session via Zoom be like?

o We will give you info about telehealth therapy and ask you to consent to receiving therapy via Zoom. We have a consent form we will send to you.

o We run our telehealth therapy sessions in the same way we run our in-person therapy sessions, so if you’re familiar with your therapist, you’ll find it pretty easy to switch to Zooming with them.

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