Speech Pathology Services

Our Services

  • 1:1 Speech Therapy sessions: With the individual and the carer/parent of 30, 45 0r 60 minute sessions.
  • Home Visits
  • Standardised Assessments: Formal assessments of a range of areas including speech, language and communication skills. This can be for the purposes of funding or at the request of the parent, teacher or another medical practitioner.
  • Swallowing Assessments: Assessment and Mealtime Management Plan/Report of eating and drinking skills
  • Social Skills: Social Skills groups to develop and facilitate interaction skills.
  • Attending Meetings in the community: Intervention in most effective when strategies are implemented in all environments in a consistent manner.  Visits to alternate locations including childcare, kindergarten, school or day services can be organised with the speech pathologist.
  • Multi-Disciplinary Sessions: Individuals with multiple disabilities and/or complex behaviour may benefit from therapists consulting together occasionally or on a regular basis to achieve the best outcomes. These areas may include engagement, self-regulation, behaviour or similar areas.
  • Reports: Formal reports for diagnostic purposes as well as funding can be completed. Fees apply.
  • Specialised Speech Pathology Services including:
    • Forensic Assessments and Treatment Sessions
    • Specialised Speech Pathology Services for individuals involved supported by Child Protection
    • Aboriginal Communities: working with children and adults and their families and other services

A few examples of our team at work in Speech Pathology Australia videos:

Social Skills for Adults:

Mental Health: